Anhui Wei-wei Plastic parts Group Co., Ltd.

Anhui Wei-wei Plastic parts Group Co., Ltd.
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Anhui Wei-wei Plastic parts Group Co., Ltd.(abbreviation"Anhui Micro-Granville Group") was founded in July 1990, is located in the historical and cultural city of Tongcheng, is a national High-tech enterprises, Anhui Province, innovative pilot enterprises, Anhui Province Joint demonstration enterprises. Company registered trademark "micro-Granville" trademark is well-known trademarks in China, "Wei" brand products are brand-name products in Anhui Province.


Company Footprint66,000 square meters, construction area of 81,000 ㎡, more than 260 employees, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel 83 people, is a professional design, research and development, production and operation of automotive rubber plastic parts and other science and technology enterprises. The company's total assets of 122 million yuan, registered capital of 51.28 million yuan, with a variety of advanced production, testing equipment more than 280 units/sets. Mainly engaged in rubber products, plastic products, environmental protection products production, sales and technology research and development and service, automobile and spare parts sales, mold manufacturing, sales, smoke machine accessories, instruments and equipment, electrical equipment, damping noise reduction equipment manufacturing, sales, damping and noise control engineering design, construction, software development and sales; Training and consulting services, annual production capacity of 8 million/set (sets).


The company has mold manufacturing, hose products, plastic products, stamping parts products and environmental protection technology, such as 11 home (sub) company, has a provincial-level seismic noise Reduction Technology Research Institute. China Automotive Industry Association, China Rubber Industry Association and other Industry Association members.2004 to establish and implement passed automotive industry quality system, 2013 to establish and implement ISO14001:2004 system and ohsas18001:2007 system. The company and Hefei University of Technology set up a "Anhui micro-Granville group Hefei damping and noise Reduction Research Center", with Chongqing University has set up a "Anhui micro-Wei rubber group Chongqing Photoelectric Engineering Institute of Intelligent Materials Research Center", and the Beijing University of Chemical joint establishment of " Anhui Micro-Wei Group University Rubber and plastic New materials Joint Research Center, with the Guangzhou University Engineering Seismic Research Center to establish a strategic cooperative relationship. Successively set up the provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Anhui automobile damping rubber Parts Engineering Technology Research Center, provincial postdoctoral research workstation and master of Skills studio. Has won the national "High-tech Enterprises", "Anhui Province industry and research joint demonstration enterprise," Anhui Province innovation pilot Enterprise "," Anhui Province Industrial and Information field standardization demonstration enterprise "," Anhui Province Honest Enterprise "," Anhui Province quality Trustworthy Enterprise "," Anhui province specialized fine special new medium and small-sized enterprises "and so on honored.