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What is the engine mount?


Anhui Wei-wei Plastic parts Group Co., Ltd., to bring youEngine mountKnowledge of what is. The suspension system is a part of the connecting power assembly and the body, the main function is to support the power assembly, reduce the vibration of the total impact on the whole vehicle, limit the total jitter, the vehicle NVH performance plays a very big role.

Now the general low-end entry-level vehicles generally use three points, four points rubber mount, a little better with the hydraulic suspension together. Because the engine itself is an internal vibration source, but also by a variety of external vibration interference, causing damage to parts and the uncomfortable ride, so set the mount system, the engine transmission to the support system vibration reduced to a minimum.

The successful control of vibration depends mainly on the structural type, geometrical position and the structure, stiffness and damping of the suspension cushion, and determines-A reasonable mount system is a very complex work, it to meet-series static and dynamic performance requirements, but also by various conditions constraints, which greatly increase the difficulty of the design.

The question of what the engine hangs is a clear answer to more people who are concerned about the problem. Hope Anhui Wei Rubber Group Co., Ltd. Small series for you to bring the engine mount is a little knowledge of what is helpful to you.