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Small knowledge of cab mount

Anhui Wei-Wei Rubber Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in rubber products, plastic products, environmental protection products production, sales and technical research and development and services, automotive and spare parts sales, mold manufacturing, sales, smoke machine accessories, instruments and so on. Below you follow the company's small set together to understand the small cab mount knowledge!

Cab mount refers to the use of spring damping elements to form a suspension system, the cab suspension on the frame. At present, the CAB mount system is divided into two kinds, namely the full floating cab and the half floating cab, according to the structure form. The full floating cab, which consists of four sets of elastic elements in the front and rear, is mounted in the suspension system to suspend the cab on the frame. Compared with the full floating cab, the two supporting points in the front of the cab are connected with the frame, and the rear mount structure is connected to the frame by the spring and the damping element.

In addition to the structural form of the CAB mount system, can also be based on the suspension structure of the elastic elements used to divide, mainly including: Spiral Spring cab mount, plate spring cab mount, air Spring cab mount, etc.

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