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Importance and application of automobile rubber dust cover

Rubber dust cover, known to have a lot of advantages, of which the role of the car is also obvious. Car dust cover more than the raw materials are silicone rubber, car rubber dust cover and usually has the outside rubber dustproof cover (CVJ rubber dustproof cover) and the rubber dust cover in the inner, the shape basically is into the corrugated pipe shapes (as shown below), CVJ rubber dust cover is used to maintain the car drive axle rubber Parts It is conceivable that the rubber dust cover is of great importance to the car.

Now the carCVJ rubber dust shields are widely used because: it can be accustomed to harsh environment, for example: at 40 degrees Celsius pole temperature can adhere to the original compressive elasticity, in the organic oil, silt, dust, exhaust and other poles corrosive environment will not produce qualitative changes, and then achieve a variety of car turning, braking the state of normal safety.

To sum up, the rubber dust cover on the car is important to select the appropriate rubber dust cover in the smooth agent, and then let the appearance of smooth effect, there is the right to choose the appropriate car dust cover information. Thank you for the Anhui Micro-Wei Plastic Group Co., Ltd. 's concern, we will continue to bring you more useful automotive rubber dust cover information, welcome to discuss cooperation with my company!