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Type and composition of rubber bushing

The bushing is divided into conventional rubber bushing and hydraulic rubber bushing, it belongs to the rubber parts of automobile chassis, it is the hinge point between parts of car body, its elasticity characteristic and attenuation characteristic is superior, can withstand load, isolation, attenuation vibration, reduce noise, ensure ride comfort, have important influence to automobile suspension design. Anhui Wei-wei Plastic parts Group Co., Ltd., to bringRubber bushingLittle knowledge, hope can help everyone.


Rubber bushing Type

Basic type: simple bushing, flange bushing, roller bushing, hole-digging bushing, bushing on pivot, spherical bushing and other bushing.

Simple bushing: internal and external casing and rubber body vulcanization as a whole. internal and external casing are assembled, rubber body vulcanization alone. The inner casing is vulcanized with the rubber body, and the vulcanizing part and the outer casing are assembled by the tooling.

1. Good torsion direction durability;

2, the outer tube directly presses, the cost is low.


Two, rubber bushing composition

Body Rubber bushing, including inner sleeve, rubber layer, coat, the inner sleeve and rubber layer of the whole vulcanization together, and then the rubber body through the tooling to press the rubber body into the jacket, rubber bushing in the press into the suit jacket, due to the hump-shaped projection between there is a lot of space, conducive to rubber flow deformation, increased rubber layer.

Above, is the Anhui micro-Wei Rubber Group Co., Ltd. for you to summarize the type of rubber bushing and the composition of the detailed introduction, welcome you to come to the advisory purchase!