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Automotive Rubber Parts Maintenance: tire Maintenance Instructions

Automotive Rubber Parts Maintenance, mainly tire maintenance. Due to tire aging after the failure of timely replacement caused by the accident or traffic accident, I believe we also often heard that the most effective way to avoid the incident is the owner of the aging of the tyres in time to check and replace. Tire main material is mainly rubber, and rubber products are a certain service life, according to the tire manufacturers officially, the average life of the tires should be in two years or vehicles to travel 6 to 80,000 kilometers of this range.


Tires to be diligent inspection, special owners of long-term driving road conditions are relatively poor, this work is crucial, can not be ignored, after all, the road traffic conditions on the tyre life has serious impact. In this particular case, the car owners need to regularly check the tires, if found that the tires have been worn to the limit hint mark or found that the tire side bulge and so on, it is recommended that the car owners of tires into a timely replacement is more appropriate.


In addition to tire aging caused by the accident, tire tyre pressure is not correct is caused by an important cause of tire. Therefore, owners should also develop their own tire pressure to check the good habit, and also suggested that the owner of a simple tire pressure table, every1 months to 4 tire tire pressure Testing, so that owners have a bottom in their hearts.

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